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It's funny because it's sad.
На самом деле, конечно, это вопросы несколько с подвохом. В том смысле, что для себя я с ответами определилась довольно давно.
Но во мне созрело желание узнать мнение хоть какого-нибудь куска сообщества.

Итак: нужна ли русским комиксам критика?

Множество уточняющих вопросов

Я не питаю иллюзий: ответов наверняка будет очень мало, если они вообще будут. Но тех, кто решит высказаться, попрошу не чувствовать себя связанными предложенными формулировками. Они... варианты, не более того.

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Re: WW#7

It's funny because it's sad.
Хотела дать ссылку в порядке общего линкспама (да, теперь я постараюсь делать и это тоже), но дискуссия интересна сама по себе, и не только из-за масштаба.

Итак: Чудо-Женщина. Точнее, её последнее воплощение в "новом DC". Точнее то, как в "новом DC" изображены амазонки.

Only One Can Wear the Venus Girdle, You Patriarchal Dipshit


This is, in short, another example of the ever-popular sci-fi metaphorical approach to issues of discrimination. Rather than looking at how race or class or gender effects the characters, you simply map these effects onto a different set of relationships. This creates new insights (everybody would be oppressors if they could!) while also adding the thrill of novelty (women perpetuating sexual violence! how cool is that?) Powerful messages and cheap thrills; what more could you want from your superhero comics?
Thus, the Amazons, even as they take the male position of oppressor, are still objects of a male narrative, and, indeed, of a male gaze. They are presented as sexual objects, and the bloodthirsty reversal is almost an afterthought…or, perhaps we should say, an excuse. Certainly, I don’t see any real commitment to thinking about power as a pragmatic, overarching truth. There’s no effort, for example, to use the switch to make men participate viscerally or emotionally in oppression, as you get in some rape-revenge narratives. Instead, I see pulp titillation, complete with snickering, coupled with dunderheaded pulp misogyny, which disavows the violence of the male fantasy by the simple expedient of blaming the whole thing on women. It feels fundamentally thoughtless and dishonest.

И из комментариев:

“Azzarello and Chiang … They’re not spouting sexist crap because they’re committed to it; they’re just too lazy to think of anything else.”

If you replace “lazy” with “nasty and cynical,” then you have my point precisely.

If these guys were committed to sexist crap, Wonder Woman’s intro in issue #1 would’ve been handled (drawn) very differently. But they’re not committed to it — it was just the most “shocking” and “dark” thing they could do with the Amazons, so they did it. It had all the thought behind it that turning Killer Croc into a black guy with a skin condition who eats corpses for the Joker did (in Azzarello’s Joker) — Azzarello isn’t committed to depicting black people as subhuman savages, but he did it anyway.

Про то же самое ранее там же и в других местах.

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